Sweet Madness

The scene is set in the vast gardens of a courtyard. Emerald green plants perfectly placed. Pillars of white reaching skyward from which scarlet banners hang. Peppermint candy rounds decorate the yard in a fairytale fashion. At the center of the yard rests an enormous portrait of a family painted into the floor. And upon this painting lays a woman in an ornate white gown. Her long, dark hair frames her shoulders. Four children also dressed in white lay with her.

A dog-faced man hurries across the courtyard. Having just discovered his wife and children laying motionless on the floor. His dressed in an elaborate dress. Wide bottomed and colord in the same red, white and peppermint swirl the garden is decorated with. Were this another tale, one might expect him to shout, “Off with her head!”

He stops at the edge of the painting. His dark face long with concern. He fighis back tears as he leans in to look over at his family, despite his heart breaking. Just at his breaking point, a small giggle is heard. The woman and her children start to move. One by one the kids get up and leave with expressionless faces. The woman at the center gets up. Clearly amuse by her awful trick.

Realizing it had all been a cruel lie, the man turns away and quickly moves to leave.

“You make me want to smash, smash, smash everything!”

He turns back suddenly as the woman starts to chase after him. “Like madness!”

The woman rushes forward and leaps into the arms of the ugly man in the beautiful dress. Her own arms wrapped around his neck. As she clings to him, she begins to scream. With the third insane cry, the man whiasks her around to get her to stand before him. Quickly reaching for the neckline of her gown, his fingers curl into the white cloth and yank downward. Revealing her left breast.

He lunges and bites at the exposed flesh. To which the woman slaps him away. Realizing what she had done, the woman steps up and cups his face.

“I am sorry. Here, suck on your favorite tit,” she says in a coddling voice.

The man leans in as she offers herself to him. Sucking gently at her plump breast. The flesh leaves his lips and she continues to cradle his head.

“I am sorry, too” he says softly.

The woman coos and holds the man. The events of her trick now all but forgotten.


Loki’s Lesson

“Hey little freak, you are so much like me. Don’t forget, that not all communication is verbal. And change comes in the most unexpected ways.”

Higher Self

I followed my guide out to the forest, not knowing what I would find. A dark place in a grove of trees. He left me without a word. Alone with my thoughts. Standing in the silence, I wait for my spirit to speak.

It is difficult to see beyond the trees. My heart begins to feel heavy as I hold back the urge to weep. I breathe in deep and let my senses reach out. Allowing the energy around me to flow up through my arms. A buzz up in my skin like thousands of tiny insects. I resist the urge to sprout my wings and flee from this place.

It isnt long before the spirit finds me. Approaching from behind to stand over me. Tall, confident, the spirit notices my confusion.

I speak into the dark. “What is this energy? Who am I? What am I meant to be?”

“You already know,” says the spirit. “You have seen the child you were and felt the potential you are destined for.”

In his voice there is wisdom. Like an old king sitting upon a mountain. He has pride, yet knows of pain. Of loss, of battle, of celebrating life. Yes, I remember the baby I had seen in a vision so many months ago. I remembered the feel of my own power as Loki had shown it to me. Loki has been my guide for so long now, some of his lessons have become a blur.

The spirit’s arms reach around to hold me close. My back to his chest. I feel his strength, but also a sense of familiarity.

“I am you and you are me,” he says. “Let the energy you feel remind you of what you could grow to be. Your path may be long and the road may not be clear, but you are powerful. And you are not alone.”

The Maiden

Dark and deep, the trees reach upward. Long and narrow, blanketing the forest floor in shadow. I stand side by side with my guide. His face is hidden, but I know it well. His smile is on his eyes.

He says, “I got you here. Go on ahead. If you need me, you know where to find me.”

We part ways. Each moving on further into the woods. I wander a bit until the path disappears under the dirt and leaves. Light trickling through the branches of the trees. I continue until I can see the blue sky above.

My eyes close and I breathe in deep. Allowing myself to become aware of my body. As I exhale, I feel my form begin to change. My shape changes quickly. Like a reflex, it happens without effort or struggle. Great wings spread out. Glistening white scale covering my enlarged shape. My wings stretch and I thrust myself skyward over the trees.

The green blanket spreads out below. All the way out to the mountain where my temple stands. A structure of marble pillars. The dome roof and intricate shapes carved into the frame of the great doorway. I land just in front of the steps, and with another breath and flex of my will, my form shifts back.

Standing again on two feet, I climb up the stairs to the doorway. No door hangs there. Inviting the clean, mountain air into the large building. The light too, is natural. At the center of the temple is an ever burning fire. Its flames low and comforting. Its light diminishing the shadows. The heels of my leather boots click on the stone floor as I enter this sacred place.

At the edge of the round bowl which contains the fire, a woman is kneeling. Her head bowed down as though she were praying. She wears a white gown. Her golden hair runs long down her back. I approach her carefully so not to disturb her. Yet she hears me. Or senses my presence. She lifts her head to look up at me. Her face is young, almost childlike. She smiles small and her eyes dance.

She has been waiting for me.